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New Year Cleansing Rituals

Posted by Elizabeth Kost on
New Year Cleansing Rituals

The New Year is the time of year to reflect on and let go of the past and cleanse yourself of negativity to make room for new intentions and opportunities. This year in particular marks the closing of a chapter in our lives that I think we could all agree we would like to put behind us so we've put together 3 simple cleansing rituals to help you throw out the old and ring in the new.

1. Clean your house thoroughly on or before New Year’s Eve.

The ritual of cleaning your physical space not only gives you the instant gratification of purification but ensures that you don’t carry your old energies into the New Year. Clearing the energies of a home that you have spent plenty of time in this year, also connects you with your home so that together you can achieve your goals of peace, stability and love. 

Begin by throwing out items that no longer bring you joy such as clothes that don't fit, toys your children have outgrown and broken items that you've been meaning to "fix". Next, literally start sweeping the year away! Begin at the furthest corner of your home and with your broomstick or vacuum, begin physically cleansing the floor space of dust. Envision all the negativity built up over the past year being cleansed from your space. Move towards the front door as you sweep and once you reach the front door chant aloud "Negativity begone!" 

When you are done cleaning your house, light a white candle. This removes negative energy from the space and marks the final phase of the cleansing.

2. Clear your home of stagnant energy with smudging.

For centuries, smudging a person or a space has been used as a means to drive away negative and stagnant energies and to invite in healing. It involves burning a bundle of leaves from specific plants and then extinguishing them to create a smoke which is wafted around a person or a space to remove negative energy.

The plants used in a smudge bundle are all chosen for specific purposes. Sage is used for healing, cedar is a medicine of protection, sweetgrass grounds us to the earth and lavender is a safeguard agains evil. 

If blowing smoke around your house isn't your thing, we offer a smokeless Smudge room spray infused with all the necessary essential oils to do the trick.

3. Say your goodbyes.

After physically cleansing your space, this is a simple ritual for mentally releasing negative energies and emotions. Write down on small single pieces of paper all of the negative circumstances, people, beliefs, fears, sadness etc… that you want to release from this past year. When you are done, flush or burn the paper as a symbolic way to release all of those negative feelings from your heart and mind.

Next, take a new piece of paper and write down all of the things you wish to invite into your life, or build upon in the coming New Year. Put the piece of paper somewhere safe where you will leave it all year long. Next year, you can look at it to review how many of those things you were able to cultivate in your life. 

During times of stress and uncertainty, often times our first instinct is to put our heads down and plow through, not realizing the effects prolonged stress has on our physical and mental health. As we move into the New Year, take a pause to reflect, cleanse and reset with these three simple rituals. Your body and mind will thank you. 

Happy New Year!

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