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What are Hemp Essential Oils?

Posted by Elizabeth Kost on
What are Cannabis Terpenes

Essential oils are comprised of aromatic compounds called Terpenes. Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds that are produced by every plant on earth and they are what give plants their smell. They even have medicinal benefits which is why Terpenes are used for aromatherapy. When you smell Terpenes, it activates receptors in our olfactory system which effects brain functions such as emotions, stress regulation, and memory recall. The activation of these receptors opens the door to a wide variety of health benefits. For example, Lavender oil has sedative properties and is often used to ease anxiety, reduce pain, relieve headaches, improve sleep and fight depression.

Why Hemp Terpenes?

Most plants only contain a handful of Terpenes but the Hemp plant contains over 140 unique Terpene compounds per plant which is why we like to think of Hemp as aromatherapy on steroids. Below is a chart of the Terpenes in our Fog & Tree products and their common uses:

Cannabis Terpene Chart

The Hemp Terpenes used in Fog & Tree are all steam-distilled by hand from the Hemp Flower without the use of chemical extraction. They are supplied by Humboldt Seed Company, an accredited genetics company from Humboldt County California so not only are we blending our products with essential oils from award-winning genetics, we are also reaping the benefits of Humboldt’s unique terroir.

Are Hemp Essential Oils Legal?

Yes! The FDA recognizes Hemp Terpenes as safe for humans, which means that they are federally legal in the US. Terpenes by themselves are non-psychoactive, and contain zero THC so you will never get a “high” feeling from them.

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