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Tis the Season for Pinene!

Posted by Kelly Graham on
Tis the Season for Pinene!

Labor Day has come and gone marking the official end to summer. Leaves will be changing soon and we will herald in the season with knee high boots and pumpkin spice. One of our favorite autumn activities is to take a stroll through California coastal woods on a crisp morning, leaves crunching beneath our feet while a thick marine layer rolls by. When you pause to take a deep breath in and smell the nature surrounding you, chances are you just took in a big whiff of one of the most well-known hemp terpenes, pinene.

This richly pine-scented molecule brings more to the table than just an unmistakable aroma. Let’s take a detailed look at Fall's signature terpene.

Pinene Basics

If the name didn’t give it away, pinene’s most notable scent is that of a pine forest: earthy, rich, and bright. That being said, you can also find pinene in various herbs like rosemary, eucalyptus, and basil.

In hemp, pinene can actually be found in two forms: alpha and beta. Both forms smell of pine needles and make up some of the most abundantly found terpenes in hemp. The scent from pinene also acts as a natural insect repellent to protect the plant from any unwanted intruders.

With an energizing aroma and plant protective properties, pinene also carries a wide range of potential wellness benefits for us humans.

Pinene Benefits

As research continues into the medicinal benefits of terpenes, pinene has established itself as one of the most promising aromatic compounds found in hemp. Whether you need to be alert for a big meeting or are looking for a respiratory boost, pinene may be the solution for many common ailments.

Boosts Alertness and Memory

For centuries, pinene has been used in aromatherapy for its refreshing and energizing scent. To get an example of this theory at work, think of a time when you smelled a fresh Christmas wreath or opened a conifer-scented candle. The aroma instantly brings you to the present moment and increases your awareness — pinene is responsible for this new feeling of alertness.

Pinene may also have potential as a memory aid for those suffering from short term memory loss or dementia. Many dementia drugs work by inhibiting cholinesterase and thereby enhancing cholinergic activity. Alpha-pinene could act as a supplement to help with such conditions, especially when used alongside other essential oils such as limonene and linalool, which can also be found in Fog & Tree’s line of products.


Like many hemp terpenes, pinene has been found to act as an anti-inflammatory. When applied topically, like in Fog & Tree’s Beard Conditioner, pinene works to cool and refresh inflamed skin.

Pinene is also a popular choice for salves and balms because It may have the ability to work beneath skin level discomfort. Some evidence suggests that this terpene may be able to ease aching joints and sore muscles caused by inflammation.


Research also suggests that pinene has antibacterial activity against some of the most formidable antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. For example, one recent study found that pinene may be able to combat Staphylococcus aureus strain MRSA and against Staphylococcus pneumonia.

With the recent rise in demand for antibacterial products, it is more important than ever to develop alternative compounds to antibiotics capable of killing harmful bacteria. Pinene shows promise as a natural substitute that may be able to answer that call.

Holistic healers have used pinene for many years to ease symptoms of a respiratory infection or the common cold. They would often scrape bark from coniferous trees, make a resin, and use this to treat people with congestion or even parasitic infections.

Today, scientists have revisited this theory with promising results. As published in the journal Inhalation Toxicology, alpha-pinene has been found to be an effective bronchodilator. This means that the terpene helps to open airways in the respiratory system and enable you to breathe deeply. The therapeutic values of this mechanism can be applied to a variety of ailments including asthma, one of the most common respiratory conditions.

Final Thoughts

With such a wide range of promising wellness benefits, there is no reason not to try a little pinene in your life. The easiest and perhaps most pleasant way to add pinene to your daily regimen is to throw on a few sprays of Fog & Tree’s Eau de Parfum each day.

Inspired by the Redwoods of the Pacific Northwest, our signature scent is perfect for the Fall season and leaves you feeling energized, alert, and ready to conquer anything.

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