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Demystifying Terpenes

Posted by Kelly Graham on
Benefits of Cannabis Terpenes

Essential oils are comprised of aromatic compounds called Terpenes. In the cannabis world, terpenes have been the center of discussion for a number of years. While they may be known for giving cannabis its signature potent scent, terpenes have quietly existed all around us in nature. 

Terpenes are tiny molecules responsible for giving plants (and some insects) their taste and aroma. Every plant in the world has its own terpene fingerprint that has a unique set of scents and flavors as well as therapeutic and medicinal benefits. 

Terpenes found in different herbs and plants have been used for centuries by cultures all over the world for their health and wellness properties. Whether it’s lavender for relaxation or eucalyptus for minor aches and pains, terpenes are what create this medicinal magic. Although we now use terpenes for our own gain, plants originally produced them to ward off predators, attract pollinators, and cool themselves off in hot weather. 

Some of the most notable terpene scents come from plants like lavender, rosemary, pine, tea tree, mint, and Fog & Tree’s personal favorite: cannabis.

Botanical Terpenes vs. Cannabis Terpenes

Technically speaking, all cannabis terpenes are botanical terpenes making them incredibly similar. They are alike in efficacy and they both have the terpene trifecta of flavor, fragrance, and therapy. That being said, there are some key differences between the two as well. 

Cannabis Terpenes

As compared to botanical terpenes, cannabis terpenes: 

  • Taste and smell exactly like the plant it came from. 

  • Maintain all the wellness properties of the plant.

  • Are harder to source because they have to go through a more rigorous extraction process, making them higher in value. 

  • When derived from hemp are completely safe and legal.

Botanical Terpenes

Sometimes referred to as non-cannabis derived terpenes, botanical terpenes: 

  • Are more affordable than cannabis terpenes.

  • Smell slightly different than the cannabis plant. 

  • Offer a wide array of medicinal properties, similar to the cannabis plant. 

  • Are rich in flavor.

Fog & Tree Terpenes

For our signature scents, we believe in using the best of both worlds. We’ve hand-selected the perfect blend of natural terpenes and the star of the show: hemp terpenes steam distilled from hemp flowers without the use of chemical extraction.

Fog & Tree proudly sources the most high quality, terpene-rich hemp essential oils available from Humboldt County, CA. Our award-winning growers deliver a consistently alluring product that inspires our rich blend of scents. 

The result is a line of products that take your senses on a ride through the Redwoods of the Pacific Northwest — built on a foundation of woodsy and herbaceous scents, notes of cedar and sandalwood open up to reveal heart notes of fresh coastal fog and fauna, topped off with just a dash of ganja.


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