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Restorative Linalool

Posted by Kelly Graham on
Restorative Linalool


The aromatic molecules found in hemp called Terpenes have an increasingly important role in both the function and scent of the plant. Not only are Terpenes responsible for hemp’s rich aroma, but they also play an integral role in the plant’s wellness properties.

With over 100 known Terpenes, Fog & Tree has hand-selected the floral and fresh Terpene, linalool for its herbal scent and array of wellness properties. Let’s take a deeper look at what this floral terpene is all about.

Linalool Basics

Widely associated with lavender, linalool is also naturally found in birch bark, jasmine, and rosewood. The delicately floral scent is met with undertones of spice and herbs for a pleasantly intricate aroma.

Linalool is also used in around 80% of all aromatic hygiene products and even accounts for an average of 2 grams per year in each of our diets. This fact goes to show how prevalent linalool may already be in your lifestyle.

Linalool Benefits

In addition to its intriguing scent, linalool has also been used for centuries in plant medicine all over the world. With potential benefits ranging from stress relief to a boost for your brain, it is no wonder that linalool can be found in many personal care products including the Fog & Tree collection.


Like many terpenes found in hemp, linalool contains anti-inflammatory properties when ingested or used topically. It is these very properties that allow linalool to tackle minor aches and pains, like irritations on the skin.

Whether you have fresh sunburn or an irritated ingrown hair, linalool may have a hand in reducing any discomfort. Try Fog & Tree's CBD Beard Conditioner, packed with calming linalool, to reduce redness, relieve beard itch and keep those ingrown hairs at bay.

Mood Booster

Commonly used in aromatherapy, linalool is the primary Terpene in lavender essential oils and has been known to reduce stress and anxiety by promoting a sense of calm. Its fresh scent brightens your spirits and the spicy undertones deliver a feeling of warmth and comfort.

In addition, a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in 2009, found that linalool improves the immune system’s resilience to stress. Stress is known to change white blood cell distribution, which causes an increase in neutrophils and a decrease in lymphocytes. This particular study found that linalool prevented this shift in rodents, therefore ensuring the test subjects were not exposed to typical stress-induced physiological changes. Authors of the study now believe that linalool activates our parasympathetic response, which occurs when we digest a meal or when we are resting — two occasions when we are most at peace.

Feeling stressed? Give yourself a spritz of Fog & Tree's Eau de Parfum and feel the power or linalool work its magic.

Improved Sleep

Given linalool’s ability to melt away stress and anxiety, it is no surprise that it also allows you to ease into a night of restful sleep. In fact, one recent study by Takeda et al., published in Evidence-Based Complementary Alternative Medicine in March 2017, looked at how aromatherapy helped elderly volunteers with insomnia. The researchers found that the act of sniffing lavender oil before bed, which is rich in linalool, vastly improved sleep quality. Some of the volunteers even said that they had more energy the morning after.

Brain Booster

As researchers continue to take a closer look at linalool, one study published in Neuropharmacology in March 2016, suggests that linalool could be a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s. This is a progressive neurological disease that is caused by the build-up of brain plaque that results in the degeneration of the neurons and cerebral tissue. Alzheimers can cause symptoms like memory loss and the inability to respond to your environment.

The study in question looked at how linalool affected mice with signs of Alzheimer’s. It found that this powerful terpene reversed a number of the cognitive and behavioral impairments typically associated with the disease. It also reduced the number of cellular tangles and brain plaques that are commonly found in patients with Alzheimer’s.

While more human studies need to be conducted for more conclusive evidence, the argument for the use of linalool in medicine looks increasingly promising.

Final Thoughts

There is no question that linalool is one special terpene. With its floral and herbaceous scent and entire host of wellness properties, it was an easy choice to add this richly aromatic terpene to Fog & Tree’s entire range of products.

Whether you need to add some relaxation to your day or want to get a restful night of sleep, linalool truly does it all.

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