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Modern Aromatherapy Techniques

Posted by Elizabeth Kost on
Modern Aromatherapy Techniques

The practice of aromatherapy, which involves the inhalation of beneficial essential oils to restore or enhance health and beauty, has been around since ancient times. Original forms of aromatherapy included burning resins and balms, smudging and anointing. In fact, one of the principle aspects of Ayurvedic medicine is massage with aromatic oils which dates back to the times of Ancient China. The distillation of essential oils began in the 10th century in Persia paving the way for the modern-day practice of essential oil diffusing. However, the ancient practice of aromatherapy is ever-evolving as we search for ways to incorporate the holistic benefits of plant Terpenes into our busy lives. Here are some modern and simple ways to practice aromatherapy outside of your traditional table-top diffuser. 


Room-diffusers aren't always practical when you are running errands, standing in long lines at Costco or wearing a mask at work all day. Luckily, the essential oil diffuser has a portable new friend called the inhaler. Aromatherapy inhalers or "aromasticks" are discreet personal-use containers that house essential oils. They are convenient, discreet, fit in your bag and don't require batteries. Inhalers are available in a wide range of formulas and can contain an essential oil isolate or a blend of oils to achieve a desired effect. One of our favorite inhalers is the Dream nasal inhaler by Moxe

Room Sprays

From the use of incense in the Ancient Near East to the practice of smudging in Native American culture, the burning of herbal material has been used as healing aromatherapy for centuries. However, with today's housing crisis and with more of us sharing a living space, burning plants or incense indoors may not be practical. Even candles can be overwhelming at times. Enter the room spray, a cocktail of essential oils suspended in an odorless carrier. Perfect for co-living, versatile room sprays can be tucked into meditation corners and small bathrooms or spritzed on linens to help induce sleep. Look for an all-natural room spray like Fog & Tree's Smudge or make your own by adding your favorite essential oils to a carrier of your choice.  


Effortlessly enjoy aromatherapy in style with aromatherapy jewelry. From lockets and pendants that house cotton wicks to porous materials like terra cotta or lava rock, essential oils are applied to the jewelry which slowly releases the aromatics throughout the day. If you have sensitive skin, steer clear of pieces that directly contact the skin like bracelets and opt for a necklace instead. If you are looking for the perfect starter piece, check out our Fog & Tree heart-shaped lava rock pendant. Handmade by a NY jewelry artisan, this gift set includes a free 1ml tester of Valley Bloom perfume infused with calming Hemp Essential oils. Place a few drops of Fog & Tree fragrance directly on to the pendant for all-day aromatherapy on the go.

An age-old practice, aromatherapy has clinically proven benefits and while our practices may have evolved, the connection we have to the aromatics of plants is undeniable. So whether you're diffusing, burning, spraying or wearing, the inhalation of Terpenes is something we should all aim to incorporate into our daily ritual and at the very least, stop to smell the roses.

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