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Lovely Limonene

Posted by Kelly Graham on
Lemons and Cannabis

At Fog & Tree, Cannabis Terpenes are the foundation of our fragrances and an integral part of our products. While over 100 terpenes have been discovered in Cannabis, Limonene is one of the most abundantly found in the plant.

Limonene is a citrusy Terpene that gives our scents a splash of zest. If you can’t already tell by its name, Limonene is known for its citrusy and fruity aroma and taste. To give you an idea of what it smells like, Limonene is also found in lemon rind, orange rind, and juniper.

Limonene is a vibrant Terpene that not only smells great but packs a powerful health and wellness punch. With benefits ranging from relieving everyday stress to boosting your energy, Limonene is one impressive little terpene.

Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of this powerhouse Terpene.

Limonene Benefits

Aromatherapy and herbal remedies are some of the most ancient forms of alternative wellness. Historically, plants high in Limonene have been used for:

  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Energizing effects
  • Potential anti-tumor effects

When used in aromatherapy, hemp essential oils with a high concentration of Limonene can have powerful health benefits.

Stress and Anxiety

For many, dealing with stress and anxiety is a daily struggle. From family and relationships to job security and finances, there is plenty to worry about every day.

If this sounds like you, consider adding Limonene to your aromatherapy routine or give yourself a daily spritz of Fog & Tree Eau de Parfum. Think about how you feel when you freshly peel an orange—the room automatically fills with a bright citrusy scent that is pleasantly energizing and calming. That’s exactly how Limonene works.

Energizing Effects

Limonene is also said to have an energizing effect that can uplift your spirits. It’s bright and zesty scent instantly wake up your senses to put a little pep in your step.

While Fog & Tree proudly sources Limonene rich hemp essential oils, most other natural citrus oils, such as sweet orange, lime, grapefruit, and bergamot will have similar revitalizing and energizing effects.

Anti-Tumor Effects

While it may sound far-fetched, recent studies do suggest that Limonene may have anti-tumor properties. More research needs to be done for conclusive evidence, the initial findings do seem promising.

Phase I studies conducted on a handful of breast cancer patients found that Limonene was somewhat effective in reducing tumor growth for nearly a year. Yet another study found that daily Limonene supplementation over 2-6 weeks inhibited a protein that promotes tumor cell growth. Now that’s one powerful terpene!

Final Thoughts

It can become a wonderful daily ritual to spray on Fog & Tree’s signature fragrance and let its Limonene notes work its magic to put some pep in your step. Gift it to a special someone that needs a little pick-me-up or keep a bottle at the ready for yourself!

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