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Clearing the Air: CBD as an Aromatic

Posted by Kelly Graham on
Clearing the Air: CBD as an Aromatic

With the CBD craze sweeping across the nation, new brands with fragrances enhanced by CBD pop-up almost daily. From candles to incense to air fresheners, everyone seems to be hopping on the CBD bandwagon. While these products may sound alluring with promises of relieving stress and reducing anxiety, we’re here to tell you: don’t believe the hype.

As popular as these CBD-enhanced aromatics may be, there are serious questions about their actual effectiveness. Is it just clever branding or is there some truth to these claims? Let’s discuss the facts.

1. CBD is Odorless

Despite what many companies may be touting, cannabidiol (CBD) is an odorless molecule found in the hemp plant. Currently, there is very little evidence to support a link between CBD isolate and any aromatherapeutic benefits.

2. CBD Must Be Absorbed

It is true that CBD has many potential wellness benefits like stress and pain relief, but it must be absorbed into the body in some way in order to receive these benefits. For example, CBD can interact with the body either topically, through the digestive system, or sublingually (placed beneath the tongue).

It is unlikely that you will receive any of the potential benefits of CBD through smell alone, making it an ineffective aromatherapy agent. However, when used topically in tandem with other Terpenes, like in Fog & Tree’s Hair Mask and Beard Conditioner, the wellness properties of CBD become amplified.

3. CBD Fragrances are Cost Ineffective

Even if you purchase a fragrance that gets applied to the skin, it is still not likely that you will experience any stress or pain-relieving properties from the CBD. It takes a concentration of CBD in a specifically formulated topical to be able to attain results.

Unless you plan on taking an entire bath doused in a CBD fragrance, your purchase would be well-spent elsewhere.

CBD Done Right: Fog & Tree Fragrances

In order to give our Fog & Tree family the best of what hemp has to offer, each of our products are formulated with a specific intention in mind.

Fog & Tree Eau de Parfum harnesses the true aromatic wellness properties of hemp through Terpenes instead of CBD. Not only will you smell and feel great after a few sprays of Fog & Tree, but you are also getting the most bang for your buck — there is nothing in our formula that does not serve a purpose.

In our Beard Conditioner and Hair Mask, we combine a powerful CBD isolate with natural Hemp Terpenes to deliver the best results. Since they are applied topically and left on the skin, CBD has a chance to work its magic to treat irritation and inflammation as well as an array of hair-boosting effects.

Final Thoughts

While it may be tempting to give in to the allure of CBD aromatic products, there is very little proof that these products are actually effective in using cannabidiol to its full potential. In contrast, Fog & Tree’s entire product line is formulated by Cannabis experts to get the best results with no outrageous claims or unnecessary fluff.


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