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Invest in Fog & Tree

Posted by Elizabeth Kost on
Invest in Fog & Tree

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Smelling like weed has historically carried a negative connotation, but with marijuana becoming more mainstream, more and more businesses are beginning to tap into the public’s desire for earthy, woodsy, and marijuana-laden scents. As marijuana gains more acceptance, via legal regulations and public opinion, fragrance makers have begun capitalizing on the marijuana/CBD craze spreading across the consumer industry. Researchers anticipate the market for CBD products in the U.S. could reach $24 billion by 2023. According to MarketWatch, the global perfume and fragrance market has experienced continuous demand over the last few years and is projected to grow by 6% and reach $64.6 billion by 2023.

Founded in 2018 in San Francisco, California, Fog & Tree creates experiential and natural personal care products infused with real cannabis essential oils to be used as aromatherapy in fragrances and beauty products. Fog & Tree products have numerous olfactory benefits and can be infused into anything from grooming products to personal and home fragrances. We aim to disrupt the fragrance industry by normalizing the use of potentially beneficial cannabis terpenes and other cannabinoids in daily personal care products. 

For as little as $100 you can invest in Cannabis and now is the opportune time to get in the booming Cannabis Beauty space by investing in an innovative startup like Fog & Tree. 

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